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A very unusual and fascinating rose. Uniquely... more

Abraham Darby

(AUSCOT) Full petalled. Deeply cupped blooms in... more

Addictive Lure

Such a romantic feel to this rose with the flower... more

Adolf Horstmann

Deep gold, classicaly shaped blooms. Fragrant.... more

Alba Maxima

(White rose of York) 16th Century. One of the... more

Alecs Red

Large crimson flowers on long stems. Very... more

Alpine Sunset

Moderate grower with creamy yellow blooms,... more


Large, old fashioned single red blooms with a... more

Anemone (Pink Macartney)

(Climbing rose) Pink Mccartney. 1985. Bears a... more

Angel Face

Deep mauve, double flowers with navy petals. Very... more

Angel Face

A spectacular free flowering deep mauve climber... more

Anne Boleyn

(Ausecret) The soft, warm pink, rosette shaped... more

Anvil Sparks

Rick orange tangerine splashed with yellow... more


Land of the long white cloud. High centred, soft... more

In Appreciation

Deep luminescent pink with beautiful cutting... more

Apricot Gem

Medium sized trusses of double, rich apricot... more

Apricot Nectar

Buff apricot. Very strong healthy growth. Highly... more

Apricot Passion

Vigorous and disease resistant rose with a rich... more


A dual-purpose rose of exceptional keeping... more

Baby Darling

(Miniature) Coppery pink opening to soft coral,... more

Baby Darling

Lovely shades of apricot, salmon pink and cream... more

Banksia Alba

Clusters of miniature white blooms. Thornless.... more

Banksia Lutea

(Miniature) Yellow clusters of blooms. Thornless.... more

Barbra Streisand

An Avid rose lover Ms Streisand personally... more


A multitude of small double blooms of blush pink... more

Benjamin Britten

(ausencart) An attractive red with a touch of... more


A stylish rose of great beauty and richness. The... more

Big Purple

Large purplish buds opening to broad reddish... more

Black Beauty

Dark velvety red with medium sized blooms which... more

Black Boy

(Hybrid Tea) Carmine crimson blooms with gold... more

Black Caviar

Medium sized blooms, with outstanding velvet... more

Black Ice

Double blooms of black velvety petals on a medium... more


Black Magic Rose Food

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Blooms Guaranteed to... more

Black Velvet

Large, double, dark wine red flowers with a... more

Blue Boy

(Hybrid Perpetual) 1958. The flowers range... more

Blue Moon

Large, light mauve flowers on long stems. Very... more

Blue Moon

(Hybrid Tea) Large, deep mauve blooms which are... more

Blushing Pink Iceberg

The charming pink form of the iceberg, in every... more


Soft pink double blooms on a shrub type bush.... more


Soft pink double blooms.... more

Botony Bay

Lovely vibrant blooms of unusual shades of deep... more


Golden apricot blooms on a bush with glossy... more

Bridal Pink

Delicate pink double blooms, free flowering.... more


An outstanding cream rose blushing to strawberry... more

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

This is a sport of blushing pink iceber with a... more

Buff Beauty

(Hybrid Musk Rose) 1939. Warm apricot yellow.... more

Buff Beauty

Apricot buff on opening becoming lighter at the... more

Burgundy Iceberg

Nothing needs to be said beyond the name. After... more


Brilliant scarlet, flushed with deeper red.... more

Camp David

Very dark red double blooms on a compact bush.... more

Candy Cane

(Miniature) Deep pink with white stripes, old... more

Candy Cane

Deep pink with white stripes, old fashioned type... more

Candy Stripe

Attractive blooms of deep pink, striped with... more

Carefree Wonder

The extremely free flowering medium sized double... more


(Florabunda) Outstanding pillar climber.... more

Catherine Mcauley

A free flowering rose which repeats flowers... more

Cecile Brunner

(Miniature) Dainty little porcelain pink blooms... more


Buff to apricot, well shaped blooms. Medium... more


Soft shade of pure cream. Small flowers in... more

Charles Mallerin

Dark velvety crimson. Fragrant and prolific. Tall... more


(AUSPOLY) Exquisite cup shaped flowers of medium... more


(AUSCON) Large, deeply cupped delicate pink... more

Chicago Peace

Rich pink with buff to silver reverse. Large... more

China Doll

Clusters of china pink blooms borne freely in... more

China Doll

(Polyantha) Small climber, clusters of china pink... more

China Doll

Masses of china pink blooms in trusses.... more

Chrysler Imperial

Crimson red, vigorous growth. Very fragrant.... more

City of Adelaide

Coral pink blooms which are shapely and long... more

City of Belfast

Wide sprays of intense scarlet orange blooms.... more

Close Up

Pointed buds opening to large soft pink blooms... more


Rich red blooms of classic form and freely borne... more


(Noisette Rose) 1904. Rich apricot blooms, fading... more


Rich apricot blooms, fading to buff yellow.... more

Crocus Rose

(Ausquest) Beautiful rosette shaped blooms of... more


Long stemmed multi headed clear white blooms.... more

Cream Delight

Vigorous, bushy growing rose bearing masses of... more


Clear, soft salmon pink. Medium sized blooms... more

Desert Glo

(Hybrid Tea) Rich tone of peachy... more

Diamond Jubilee

Double buff yellow blooms which last well when... more

Double Delight

Full petalled flowers with a blend of ivory and... more

Dr Verhage

bright yellow flowers of good form on a compact... more


An extrememly free flowering decorative rose with... more


Cream white. Excellent border rose. Consistantly... more

Eiffel Tower

Long elegant pink buds on an almost thornless... more

English Garden

(AUSBUFF) Soft apricot-yellow at the centre,... more


(AUSSAUCER) Blooms are of a lovely sheeny... more

Father’s Love

Deep velvety red double blooms of classic form... more


(Hybrid Musk Rose) 1928. Silvery pink flowers... more


Semi double pink, fading to white. Fragrant. Free... more

Fiona’s Wish

Superb, classic blooms shaded cherry red with a... more


A new and improved red rose saturated with... more

First Prize

Mid to dark pink, prolific blooms. fragrant.... more

Fisherman’s Friend

(AUSCHILD) Large full petalled flowers varying... more


Pale soft pink. Excellent for floral work.... more

Fragrant Charm

Brilliant red flowers with a pleasant perfume.... more

Fragrant Cloud

Large clear vermilion blooms borne freely. Very... more

Fragrant Plum

A deep lilac edged rich rose with a high centre... more


Bright, unfading deep yellow blooms on a compact... more

French Lace

Apricot down the centre when in bud. This becomes... more


Medium blooms of pale cream with a sweet... more

Gina Lollabridgida

Very double unfading yellow blooms on an upright... more

Glamis Castle

(AUSLEVEL) The best white David Austin rose to... more

Gold Bunny

Bright, unfading clear yellow. Extremely... more

Gold Bunny

(Hybrid Tea) Delightful double blooms of clearest... more

Gold Bunny

Delightful double blooms of clearest yellow,... more

Gold Medal

Coppery yellow buds changing to lemon yellow as... more

Golden Celebration

(AUSGOLD) Very large deeply cupped flowers.... more

Golden Touch

Gold to cream blooms which retain their colour... more

Golden Wings

(Shrub Rose) 1956. Soft yellow single blooms with... more

Golden Years

Rich chrome yellow with very good colour... more


Nasturtium red and yellow blooms of good form.... more

Grandmere Jenny

A decorative rose with long elegant buds opening... more

Grandpa Dickson

A fine yellow rose of exhibition form. Medium... more


A thornless pale cream rose bearing long stems.... more

Hannah Gordon

Creamy white with heavily edged pink to red... more

Hans Christian Anderson

A top quality bright to dark red variety growing... more

Happy Days

Cream edged rose pink blooms of perfect form.... more

Happy Wanderer

Medium sized semi-double blooms of blazing... more

Helmut Schmidt

pure clear yellow, contrasting against dark green... more


(AUSBLUSH) David considers this to be one of the... more

High Hopes

(Hybrid Tea) Abundant medium sized blooms of a... more

Honey Dijon

Warm golden brown is a most uncomman colour in... more


Off white elegant buds on a strong, disease... more

Hot Cocoa

Pointed buds of deep rust unfurl to reveal a... more


Pure white, double blooms which are fragrant.... more


(Florabunda) Perpetual display of shapely white... more


Pure white double flowers in long decorative... more

Ingrid Bergman

Double fowers are a deep red with no hint of... more

Jardina De Bagatelle

Large double blooms of palest buff bink on a... more

Jean Kenneally

Pale apricot blooms. Tall strong, vigorous... more


Pastal shades of salmon pink opening to... more

John Clare

(AUSCENT) Cupped light crimson flowers with... more

John F Kennedy

Fragrant. Double white. Tall... more

Joy of Health

A unique soft peachy salmon, coupled with its old... more

Joy of Life

off white petals margined with red. The outer... more


Pastal shades of apricot, cream and pink. Large... more

Jude the Obscure

(AUSJO) Large cupped flowers of highest quality... more

Julias Rose

An unusual rose with a blend of parchment and... more

Just Joey

Buff apricot, classic form. Free flowering and... more


A very robust plant bearing blooms of rich... more

Karen Blixen

Beautifully formed pure white blooms with a... more

Lady Rose

A lovely salmon orange with a yellow base.... more


(Noisette rose) 1830. Large marble white, double... more


High centred blooms of yellow, orange and salmon... more


This is a uniform lasting canary yellow of supurb... more


This elegant silvery lilac blue has a captivating... more

Las Vegas

Vivid bi-colour of orange and yellow. Semi-double... more

Lilli Marlene

Rich glowing crimson, semi-double flowers of... more

Lilli Marlene

(Florabunda) Free flowering deep crimson blooms... more


Prolific bright yellow blooms on single stems as... more

Lord Gold

Well formed double yellow blooms on long stems.... more

Magic Fire

Soft semi-double pink and orange blooms which... more

Magic Sunset

Extremely deep copper blooms with the unusual... more

Manou Meilland

Very consistant and trouble free. Deep ruby pink... more

Margaret Merril

High centred buds opening to delicate white... more

Maria Callas

Large full-bodied blooms of cerise pink. Compact,... more

Mary Mackillop

High centred blooms of shell pink edged with rose... more

Mary Rose

(AUSMARY) Attractive rose pink, loose petalled... more


Large, high centred blooms of white to cream.... more

Michelle Meilland

Medium sized, shapely pale pink blooms produced... more


The outstanding colour of this novelty rose will... more

Mister Lincoln

Deep red, double, well-formed flowers freely... more


(AUSMOL) The flowers are of a rich yellow... more

Mon Cherie

Pink in the bud changing to deep red with a lemon... more

Monsieur Tillier

(Tea Rose) 1891. Red russet blooms, flat... more


The large, mildly scented blooms display... more

Mother’s Love

Soft white petals with a shell pink center.... more

Mount Shasta

(Hybrid Tea) Large ivory white, well formed... more

Narrow Water

(Shrub rose) 1883. Tallish shrub/small climber... more

New Dawn

(Climbing Rose) 1930. Semi double soft pink... more

New Dawn

Repeated display of medium sized shapely blush... more

Old Timer

Amber, yellow to bronze. Very large flowers of... more

Olde Fragrance

A strength of fragrance seldom encountered.... more

Olivia Newton John

Just like its namesake this rose puts on a... more


Lovely large, ruffled blooms of softest apricot... more

Orange Cascade

Very dense clusters of yellow orange, cascading.... more

Orange Cascade

Very dense clusters of small orange to yellow... more


Bi-colour of deep red on the inner face of the... more


White with a cream centre. Double, slow opening... more

Pat Austin

(AUSMUM) Bright copper on the insides of the... more


All time favourite. Large lemon blooms with soft... more

Peachy Pink Magic Carpet

Very neat, small foliaged plant with prostrate... more


(AUSMOON) Camellia like flowers of rich... more

Perfume Delight

Deep pink and free flowering with a STRONG... more


GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2001 All the charm of an old... more

Peter Brock

A multiple award winning rose, this vigorous... more

Peter Frankenfeld

Deep rose pink, double blooms of excellent form... more


A pre-war favourite. The small shapely blooms... more

Pierre De Ronsard

Large romantic double blooms in the Old World... more

Pillow Fight

The fragrant clusters of bright white blossoms... more


ROSE OF THE YEAR 1995 A stunning rose with rich... more

Pink Magic Carpet

A show stopper. Spreading, arching canes bare... more


Masses of salmon pink blooms. Small... more


(Polyantha) Semi-single rose pink blooms. Ideal... more


Pinkish apricot semi double blooms are very... more


Free flowering with bright pink blooms of five... more

Pope John Paul II

THe finest white rose ever, the Pope John Paul II... more

Potter and Moore

(AUSPOT) Cup shaped, pale pink blooms. Strong... more

Pretty Jessica

(AUSJESS) A lovely compact rose. Exquisite rose... more

Pretty Polly

A little darling, consistantly displaying... more

Princess De Monaco

Ivory white, flushed and margined with carmine.... more


Long buds on upright stems, opening to large near... more


(AUSPERO) Richest crimson, turning eventually to... more

Pure Poetry

Large, mostly yellow buds open to a lively blend... more

Purple Simplicity

Blooms are a deep raspberry-lavender shade of... more

Radio Times

(AUSSAL) The flowers are a beautifully domed... more

Radox Bouquet

Blooms are clear light pink produced on a strong... more


Fragrant blooms of a peachy hue that at times... more

Red Cascade

Continuous display of small crimson blooms. One... more

Red Cedar (In Loving Memory)

Bright red rose of good form. Very hardy. Tall... more

Red Coat

Large single crimson-scarlet blooms with yellow... more

Red Cross

Classic deep velvet red double blooms with a fine... more

Red Gold

(Florabunda) Eye catching double blooms of medium... more

Red Magic Carpet

Arching canes produce lateral and terminal... more

Red Pinocchio

Rich red double. Excellent bedding variety. Small... more

Red Simplicity

Masses of brilliant red blooms which hold their... more


Charming semi-double blooms with white centres... more

Remember Me

Blooms are of a complete new colour break. Blooms... more


Charming old rose form on a compact bush growing... more

Rita Jackson

Striped scarlet and yellow, long stemmed and... more

Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis

(China Rose) Pre 1900. Open twiggy bush, multi... more

Rosa Chinensis Viridiflora

"The Green Rose" (China rose) 1855. Petals have... more

Royal Highness

Clear light pink double of good exhibition form.... more


Classic white gold blooms of utmost purity unfold... more


Deep cherry red blooms produced freely. Long vase... more


Double, feiry red blooms in large clusters.... more

Savoy Hotel

Very pale pink outer petals, reflect to rose pink... more


Blooms of burgandy red swirled with creamy white... more


Perpetual flowering, pompoms of white sometimes... more


A very subtle yet distictive effect with wavy... more

Sexy Rexy

The camellia like blooms are a delicate shade of... more


Black red, medium sized double blooms on long... more

Sharifa Asma

(AUSREEF) The blooms are shallowly cupped,... more


More fragrance is impossible in a flower! This is... more


Classic form with long pointed buds in deep pink.... more


This beautiful soft pink ever blooming rose is a... more


Magnificent, heavely petalled double blooms of... more

Sir John Betjeman

Perfect bright pink rosettes with a fresh... more

Soaring Spirits

Sends out huge clusters of showy swirls and... more


Ivory yellow buds borne in clusters. Free of... more


Free flowering rich salmon pink blooms which are... more

Sophie’s Rose

(AUSLOT) Braod and rather flat, rosette shaped... more

Soul Mate

Even butter golds and licorice candy fragrance,... more

Souvenir De La Malmaison

(Climbing) 1893. A good climber with large blush... more


(Climbing) 1952. Masses of salmon pink, large... more


(Florabunda) Orange flame coloured blooms. Very... more

Spirit of Hope

Brilliant blood red with a velvety texture. Tall... more

Spirit of Peace

Lovely classic blooms of golden buff apricot... more

St Cecilia

(AUSMIT) Medium sized pale buff apricot, slightly... more

St John Rose

Abundant tight, black red buds open to reveal... more

St Patrick

Yellow with a green hue. Excellent cutting rose.... more


Glorious radiant colour. High centred deep golden... more

Sweet Intoxication

Seductive fountains of rich magenta blooms will... more

Sweet Sonata

Beautiful buds of blush pink , deepening with... more


Soft pink very shapely blooms on long stems.... more


Dark velvety red. Very fragrant double flowers.... more


Vigorous, upright growth with many large, double... more

Tequila Sunrise

A very full petalled rose with blooms of yellow... more

Thankyou Rose

This magnificent new floribunda has been named... more

The Prince

(AUSVELVET) At first the deepest, richest crimson... more

The Squire

(AUSIRE) Magnificent large flowers of darkest... more


Pointed buds develope into scented light pink... more


Deep pink, almost rose red blooms. Fragrant. Tall... more

Topsy Turvy

Gorgeous long white buds open to reveal a searing... more

Tournament of Roses

Beautiful two toned, soft pink double blooms.... more

Tropical Sunset

You will be enthralled by this roses' unique... more

Tuscan Sun

Rich apricot buds open fully to high centered,... more

Twilight Glow

(Hybrid Tea) Colourful, large double blooms of... more

Valerie Swane

A deliciously scented ivory white destined to... more


Clusters of brick red/dusky pink fragrant blooms.... more

Vienna Charm

Large double blooms of gold to light copper.... more

Violet Carson

Peach with yellow reverse. HT type blooms open... more


Pure white, semi double, exquisitely pointed buds... more


A wonderful blend of colours from a yellow base... more


Unfading vibrant orange-red, very prolific.... more


Shapely blooms of golden amber. Free flowering... more

White Bouquet

White 10cm blooms in clusters. Tall... more

White Lightnin

Upright bushy growth with abundant large white... more

William Morris

(AUSWILL) A lovely glowing apricot-pink of formal... more

Wisely 2008

This is a rose of exceptional delicacy and charm,... more

Woburn Abbey

Free flowering coppery orange to yellow blooms on... more


The shades of peachy apricot are to my... more

Yvonne Kenny

Named in honour of Australia's own opera star.... more

Zepherine Drouhin

(Bourbon Rose) 1868. Good quantities of fragrant,... more