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Wisely 2008

This is a rose of exceptional delicacy and charm, perhaps more so than any other rose we know. The flowers are shallowly cupped and about 3 inches across; the petals arranged in a most perfect rosette formation – their colour being a very pure soft pink; the outer petals paling a little towards the edge. It bears some resemblance to an old Alba Rose such as ‘Queen of Denmark’. The growth is elegantly arching, producing its flowers along the stems and building up into a fine, vigorous shrub. This can reach up to 1.5m/5ft in height, although it can also be pruned back harder, when it can easily be maintained at around 3.5 to 4ft, as required. There is a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberries and Tea. It is a good choice for both formal and informal areas of the garden and also, perhaps, for a hedge.

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