Rose Bush Winter Care Is A Little Different Than Summer Care

Many gardeners, who grow roses indoors, think that rose bush winter care is the same as rose bush summer care. The truth is quite different.

In the summer months, the sun is a natural element in the garden. It heats the soil and delivers the needed nutrients. In the winter months, the light is scarce.

Rose Bush Winter Care

To care for your roses in the winter, you will need to address winter needs for roses indoors. While rose bush winter care is no more difficult than outdoor care, it does take a little more time and effort than the summer. To prevent poor growing conditions, some basic knowledge of gardening is necessary.


The winter months are the best time for roses to produce new shoots. If you want to make sure your roses will have healthy new growth throughout the spring and summer, choose plants that will be used primarily for winter flower production. Rose bushes love the sun and so do most roses. Be careful not to get them too high up on the plant because this is the time they are most likely to get blossom and leaf burn.

When do roses need sun? How long does it take to get the sun exposure a rose requires? As a general rule, the shorter the exposure the better. Plants need sun exposure in the early morning to get the needed vitamins and minerals to survive the winter.

Cold Weather

If the weather is very cold, the petals will dark patches and become pale. The roots of the rose bush can also experience severe damage from frost in colder climates. Always make sure your rose bushes are well-stocked with compost and mulch before the winter arrives.

Now, let’s talk about how to care for your roses in your garden or containers, rather than making them live in the garden all year, while you keep them in pots or containers all year round. Because they need exposure to sunlight to survive, you will need to water rose bushes when it starts to rain.


During the winter season, we tend to leave our roses out to dry. This is a mistake, as you must water your roses in the winter.

One of the main reasons for the sunflower-brown spots on rose bushes in the winter season is that we neglect to water them when we need to. If you are going to care for your roses in the winter, you should water them every two days, rather than waiting until they get wet.

Rose Bush Care Pruning

Remember that rose bush winter care is not as much of a chore as it may seem. After you water your roses, put them in a shady location to continue to receive the necessary light and heat. Roses will bloom better and healthier if they have sunshine to reflect, so water your roses often.

After the first week of winter, it is probably a good idea to move your roses indoors. Roses do not have hardy wintering buds, so they must come indoors and survive there for a few weeks.

To avoid wintergreen, all you have to do is buy a new bunch of rose bushes, water them, and give them adequate wintergreen. Not only will you keep your roses healthy and beautiful throughout the winter, but you will also save yourself a lot of money in the process.…

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